Friday, September 30, 2011

Revisiting Designs

This is an Eni Oken inspired design that I did several years ago.  The sterling silver wire wrapping creates an intricate lacy feel.  Cherry quartz are the stones here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New this Fall

Two of the designs that I introduced this Fall at the Studio Tour were the silk dupioni and pearls necklace.
The silk sits on the neck like a collar and captures a length of side drilled pearls.  The more it's worn, the softer the silk looks.  Perfectly imperfect.  And that also describes the delicate sterling silver vintage
salt shaker attached to a flurry of pearls.  A little hiding place for a love note or a hint of perfume.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Feathers and Chains

This is another one of those designs that I may not have worked on if it hadn't been for the price of silver becoming so high.  I am enjoying exploring new techniques and the materials that are available to me now and having even more fun.

A few vintage pieces paired with brass chain and feathers...and priced at $24.

These will be available at Boutique Seconde Main, on Main Rd., Hudson and on Etsy.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Treasure Box

Silver prices being high, I've been exploring more mixed metal possibilities....and enjoying it too.  Like my paintings where I'm trying to loosen up, so too am I trying new things with copper, enamelling especially.  I only have bits and pieces to show at the moment but as we enter into exhibition season,  I will post finished designs.  In the meantime I'm like a kid with a treasure box  : > )

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Bracelet and Necklace Pages

Just posted the first two of several pages which will show the current pieces for this Fall 2011.           
Here are two images from those pages.  Visiting these pages listed in the menu bar above for more detailed information on these and many more.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So excited!  Another new addition to my jewellery line will be enamelling! Did I say I was excited?
The colors pair beautifully with the hand made glass beads that I've been making.  And just in time for
the Studio tour taking place on September 24 and 25th this year.  I'll post pictures soon.

Fiber pieces too have working their way into my lineup.  Silks and hand woven strands dripping with charms....did I say I was excited?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

from March 22, 2011

More silver core beads...

I've added some new copper and brass beads to my new silver core glass beads and assembled them into a bracelet.  The possibilities are expanding!  The addition of embossed bead caps provides more opportunity to add embellishments to the already beautiful colors of the glass.  In the photo you can see two of the brass beads with the addition of a sterling silver (ss) divider that I have faceted to catch the light.  To the left is a silver bead with three free spinning sterling rings and to the right is a section of silver tubing with an overlay of fine silver that also moves freely.  Although the glass beads look beautiful on their own, the addition of these spacers adds to the uniqueness....and they all work with Pandora and Chamilia line of
bracelets too.


from March 7, 2011

PuRe CoLoR ThErApY is what I needed this morning and this is the result.....each color of each glass bead is melted onto a steel mandrel in various layers and designs, cooled in a controlled manner (annealed in a kiln), cleaned and sorted and ready to be incorporated into jewellery.  I start with a plan
but segue into many more.....

An order for fifteen of these hearts and a crayon colored necklace with one of my sterling silver hand made chains.  I feel better now....  : > )

from February 18, 2011

In and Around the Studio....

     The following images are some photos of various projects I've been working on.  The silver lined beads I am the most happy about.  I've always enjoyed using the glass beads in my designs but even more so now that I've taken the time to learn how to line them in silver and sometimes brass and copper.  The addition of embossed caps gives them a whole new look too and the opportunity to really get creative.  The image below is neither bracelet nor necklace but simply a few of my first beads waiting to be put together.  They fit all the European style bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilia and Troll.  (Gives me an excuse to buy the gorgeous silver beads to go with  my own).

from December 21, 2010

Latest Pieces to be added to Etsy

The dragonfly bracelet has a bit of beach history to it.  A beachcomber's bracelet with stones washed by the sea, green malachite for the seaweed, a wooden bead to represent the driftwood and a bit of crystal bling for the treasures beachcombers hope to find and finally the sterling silver dragonfly that is an ever present feature along the sandy beaches.
This one measures 7" with a lobster claw clasp. $45

A three-in-three sterling silver chain, a faceted
oval stone and a faceted quartz heart with a flurry
of crystals and pearls in between.  7" with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. $55

from December 21, 2010

Last Commissioned Piece of the Year...

Silver and crystal and pearls....faceted stones and embossed initials....

from November 4, 2010

I LOVE Color.....

Sat at my torch this week for the first time in months and made these simple beads.  I had a tendency to
overwork each bead with various techniques but when it comes right down to it, simple is good.  The glass speaks for itself.

September 22, 2010

Painting and soldering, painting and hammering.....

....blissfully I might add.   This weekend is the Studio tour from which I had taken a hiatus for the last two years but now I'm happy to say I will open my door to those interested in having a visit, sharing some hot spiced apple juice and talking shop.

Here are some of the handcrafted chainmaille bracelets I've just recently completed.

March 11, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (week)

I have signed on to participate this year in the Hudson Area Studio Tour taking place last weekend in September.  I participated the first few years and then took a two year break so it will be fun to be back
on the tour again this year.  It really is a motivator to get a new group of paintings out. (Jewellery too)
I chose this photo to be printed in the brochure and it just occurred to me that it fit the St. Patrick's theme very well.  So here's my contribution to St. Patrick's week on my blog!

from November 26, 2009

Something New....

The current trend for "bib" style jewellery and my own interest in jewellery and fiber art (just a little segue) from my painting resulted in this new design. Hand crafted organza petals and leaves sprinkled with tiny crystal beads and vintage pearls and chain. There's even a snippet of a love letter trapped within the layers of leaves. I've completed several versions of this style
including a silvery gray and rhinestone version for winter.

from July 12, 2009

Bubble Wands......!?

Yesterday morning, in a burst of inspiration, I made..........sterling silver bubble wands! Worn as a pendant reminiscent of a "Lavalier" "A lavalier is a type of jewelry, consisting of a pendant with one stone, suspended from a necklace. It is named for the type of pendant popularized by the Duchesse de la Vallière, a mistress of King Louis XIV of France. Within the fashion world, the name was eventually shortened to "lavalier(e)". An accepted gift of a lavalier, called lavaliering, indicates a romantic commitment that may develop into a long term engagement, and marriage. It really works! The bubbles I mean.........

from June 12, 2009

Chains, chains and more chains....

A new jewelry design that I've been working on this week requires lots of chain. This is for a 21" long bracelet that doubles as a necklace. Looks great wrapped three times around the wrist and equally as well as a necklace that has a detachable focal
The fourth image is of a choker style necklace with tassles of silver and pearls...
...and this one is sold : > )

from May 15, 2009

Needle pulling thread.......

I've always been attracted to needlework even though I constantly struggle with a needle and thread. This is a project that
looks complicated but isn't really. I'm just at the point of finishing the edges which I haven't quite figured out yet. The clasp
portion will be separate and connected with a beaded strand. And then I have to decide to fringe or not...
This is something that would be great to wear with a simple white blouse and jeans.
It's sitting on an oil painting that's not quite finished yet.

from December 15, 2008

Silver Portrait Pendant

Just finishing the last few of these pendants for this year's Christmas orders. Of course I never remember to keep photos
of everything. I would have liked to have seen them assembled before they were sent off, but my concern was delivering
them as soon as possible. At least I have a record of this one.....

from November 25, 2008

New Work for December

from November 18, 2008

New Work

As mentioned, here are some quick pics of the new pieces that will be at the Fall Shows the next two weekends at
Galerie Harwood. Not the most glamorous shots but I'll fuss with that later....

from October 09, 2008


It's been awhile but I'm back on my blog with a pic of a necklace designed for something special. Approached by someone
who was holding an auction to raise money for a desert race in Morocco ultimately to raise money for food and education of
the children there as well as locally. She is one of a team (all women) who will be driving jeeps across the Moroccan desert.
Months of endurance training as well as months of raising the money to enter for the privilege of competing as well as gathering 50 kilos of food and clothing. I had the easy task of providing something for their auction. Anyone interested in following this race can do so at The race started today! and is called Roses des Sables which translates into Desert Roses....and therefore my inspiration. The colors of sand, pinks and ambers (the colors of a desert sunset) and I luckily came across some vintage brass camels as I was completing the necklace (what luck!)
I also decided to create a painting also titled Desert Roses (in honor of the two sisters participating in this race) in colors of
pinks and siennas with a bit of collage included depicting Moroccan images. Just the sort of inspiration I love!

from August 15, 2008

This is How It Starts....

Having recently discovered working with hot glass (in a small way), I take particular pleasure in knowing that Hudson, where I have lived for over thirty years was the site of a glass industry located on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains. At it's height over a century ago, it was still possible (at least in the early years when I first moved here) to find colored glass while walking along the beach or just below the wharf.

I'm happy to have a place to work on my torch in my home even if it is in the basement. This is at it's messiest but it's a happy, colorful mess.

The glass starts out in rod form (as you see on my table next to the torch. Heated in the torch, it melts and I guide it on to a steel mandrel coated with a bead release formula that will let me slide the bead off later when completely cooled. After the base bead, several other colors can be added (a little like painting with molten glass) and texture can be left or completely melted in and then shaped into perfect little spheres, barrel shapes, squished between graphite paddles or even molded into presses. Lately I've been experimenting with sculpting the glass using small scale steel tools (steel because they can stand up to the heat taking care not to let them get so hot that they stick to the molten glass). Sculpting beads would be for the goddess type beads as an example which require shaping with the aforementioned tools as opposed to a symmetrical bead. Upon completion and while still so hot they've just lost the red glow, they are put into a fibre blanket to cool slowly to avoid thermal shock.
Then I gather together finished beads from the fibre blanket and slide them onto some mandrels to be put into the kiln to be annealed (takes the stress out of the glass that's accumulated during the time it's in the fire) although personally I find that part stressing myself......Finally they must have the bead release residue cleaned out of the holes before I can use them in jewellery.

.....and then the satisfying part....designing the finished product....